AI Detection Engine

AI Detection Engine

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We build high accuracy AI detection apps that work with GoMicro Examine. We build the app in two steps. Typically anything that can be assessed by an experts eye can now be assessed with GoMicro AI apps.


We first build a test app with 50 images of each category. You need to provide us with images taken with GoMicro devices. 50 images for each category (underripe, ripe, unripe, spoilt) etc. We will build and deploy an AI app for you to test. If we achieve around 80% accuracy we will then proceed to the next stage. Else we will refund 50% of what you paid for the development of the app.


We will require more images typically 300 from each category to build a more accurate AI app. Once you provide these images we will build the final app for deployment.

AI Assessment App

This final AI application will now be loaded in your GoMicro Examine App. You can use it 1000 times a month on a monthly subscription of 50USD a month. To be paid in yearly absis.