Field Microscope
Field Microscope

Field Microscope

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  • Multi-lens design for crisp, clear images
  • Works with most smartphones and tablets
  • Soft diffused lighting using camera flashlight
  • No batteries
  • Super easy to use

GoMicro's phone clip-on microscope lets you easily investigate things not visible by the eye. It is easy to use, light, reliable, and portable. It creates clear images with your phone that you can store or share. Unlike most phone microscopes, it does not require batteries. It uses the camera’s flashlight with a specially designed diffuser to create studio-quality diffused lighting.


GoMicro is used by Scientist, Macro Photographers, Citizen Scientist, and Nature lovers.

For Agriculture usage (including Artificial Intelligence detection), we recommend our GoMicro Examine.

For Education and kids, we recommend our GoMicro Smartphone Microscope.